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Monday, November 1, 2010

This Can Lead To Drinks...

So I recently had a show for my single "Consider Me" and it was great. I had a live band to back me up. A back up singer and even had the crowd dancing. That's gotta be a great feeling right? It was. The turnout could have been better... The turnout could ALWAYS be better. I mean what artist doesn't want more people? But, I was satisfied with what we had because 1). The people that showed up were having a blast and were happy to be there. 2). There was no violence or real drama whatsoever. and 3). Everybody was on the same page and even the people who had never been to one of my shows expected nothing less but pure talent and fun.

I was satisfied. The venue was satisfied. The bartender was satisfied. Everybody who showed up was satisf...Wait my phone vibrated. Another text, let's see...oh my friend and my singer are worried about gettin home, cause unfortunately Boston sucks and has no 24 hour commuter service. I told them that buses run later then the train and not to worry. Worst comes to worst they could take a bus close to where they all live and take a cab from there.

I knew a bus was comin...I just knew it. Back to business...
"Great set Row! I didn't expect that amount of energy!"

"Thanks man, thanks. I couldn't have done it without you...the crowd."

I feed off the crowd's energy, naturally. I'm feeling good. real good. I need a lapdance now, good. People are even buying cd's. This has to phone vibrated again. 2 messages now.

"The Bus isn't coming, the trains have stopped. What are we gonna do??!!"

Ok, it's not even that late, there's gotta be some kind of bus run...WAIT.... another vibration. Now its my other friend, with my singer.

"Listen, WE need to know how to get home. What are we supposed to do?"

I'm textin back, trying to come up with a plan to help, but still at this show...I still have people to talk to right in front of me. Since when did i become a car service? I dont even drive. I need to get back to the business at phones vibrating....This time its a call...Not my singer, but my friend, let's call her Miss D.


Call from the DJ: Row come on, we need to have a quick meeting about tonight.!

Me: I'm comin! Give me a sec.

"Who are you talkin to? This is serious!"

Me: first of all...don't talk to me like that. second, im tryna help but ya'll hittin me up every few seconds isn't helpin. Honestly I dont really know what ya'll expect me to do, i'm not drivin."

Miss D: How are you getting home?

Me: I'm gettin a ride. And there's no room in anybody's....

I was talkin to myself...she hung up. *In Michelle from Full House voice* How RUDE!

So i proceed to go to my meeting. Learn that we're barely making any money from this night, but the money we are making is going into our account. I guess that fine. I got some money from cd's...i'm good....for phone get it... Another text:

"We got on a bus to the train, but the train's aren't running!"

I didn't even respond...I was done. I had just finished performing, having a meeting and talking with people. The last thing i needed to hear was complaining. I HATE complaining. I just like to get things done. I understand people need to be able to get home, and i appreciated people coming out to see me and staying. But, if you need to get home before your only mode of transportation is OUT, then PLEASE DO SO. I am not a car service. I don't go out to places wondering if the artists im gonna see are gonna give me a ride home...whether I know them or not. When you go out PLAN a way to get back home! Everybody else did... Because you came to see me perform I gotta figure out how YOUR gettin home? Take a damn was 3 of you! I had never been so mad after a show. This is why people drink. I hope your happy! You caused my alcoholism!

Ok, i'm done. I just wanted to rant.



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