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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

**New Video** J Magas ft. Row Jones Liz Chapin. & Paris Amorae

So you already heard the song a few weeks ago in my earlier posts, but to those who haven't heard the fan fare and greatness that is [Maybe]. Take a listen Here.

Now for the cinematic entrance (make up somethin in your head) of the video. *Horns* *Breakdancers* * Fireworks* Alladat.

This video was (get ready) filmed, edited, and produced by J Magas. He's also verses 1 and 3 on this certain song. The song also of course features yours truly Row Jones on the 2nd Verse. 100% independent. See what the industry forces us to do? And they wanna be mad when people make independent money. Ah well. Enjoy this taste of what's to come from J Magas as well as myself Row Jones in the new radio/tv/youtube friendly production of "Maybe" Shout out to Liz, Paris, Bigg Nez, your neighborhood reporter Brian Casey, Channel 10 News and Shiz who i didn't get to meet... yet. Check it Out!


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