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Thursday, October 27, 2011

**NEW** Cypher Freestyle

I went to a taping of a new show that's gonna be on MTV (or somethin like that) REDBULL EMSEE. Details on their site HERE and it was amazing. First of all, it was hosted by Bun B, one of the most solid rappers in the game. Never heard a bad verse from him. Second, the judges and performers were none other than, Jean Grae (so sexy), Pharoahe Monch (tried to rap just like him in HS), and the RAKIM (The GOD). The only way it could have been better is if Bun B had actually performed.

Anyway, the show was great and full emcee battle action. The overall winner was PAT G, who was definitely a CHARACTER. He never seemed worried in each competition and smiled a lot. He was hilarious and involved the whole crowd. A true performer. Although I was proud of the dude and admiring him, after the show he ended up remembering me from a show I did months back. Small world this is.

So after the show, I was feeling great. Inspired. Emcee-ish. Low and behold, there was a freestyle cypher goin on, right outside the club with an ultra talented dude I had just met at a recent show, playing drums on buckets. His drums skills seemed to be nice too, by the way. So I jump in to listen and took out my camera to record some footage. Just as I was about to stop, I must have caught the holy hip hop ghost, cause a verse popped in my head, i saw an opening and just went off. I was like this and like that and like this know killin it. So with that said, here's some of the emcees (male & female) that I caught that night. And there's a little of me at the end as well. ENJOY!!


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