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Saturday, January 7, 2012

ReggaeSundays Live Podcast! 2-4pm EST

I recently started a podcast at called Reggae Sundays. It will be mostly roots reggae, 90's and some new stuff sprinkled in. Most likely I will switch it up to some old school dancehall at the end of the show just to have a change of pace. but just lock in to find out.

The site I'm playing from is easy enough to use because you can just sign in with your Facebook account. So no need to actually register! The show will definitely be live every week as I travel through time in reggae music. For you Bob Marley lovers, yes there will be some of that, but i try not to play too much of his music because there is much to reggae then him. He was just the catalyst for the platform

You can always come back to this blog to listen to the live stream as well! It will play automatically at 1pm every Sunday. I also will play randomly during the week, usually by 8pm. Just to fool around. There are already some podcasts posted up on, So listen to what was played previously as well. Enjoy!!


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