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Sunday, April 15, 2012

**New Video** "Hey J, Yo Row"

New video from J Magas and Row Jones! "Hey J, Row Jones. This video is a Dance/Trance/Hip Hop experience! I don't think you have seen a video like this before. We definitely put some good thought into the structure of this song. It's basically a party song to show how people react when we come around, whether it be the club or on stage, they HAVE to scream our names! You will be saying the same names once your done hearing this song. We got dancing girls in the shadows, planetary backgrounds and fire coming from the hands. This video has it all! I hope y'all enjoy it. Of course there's also an mp3 which I will put right after the vid. Enjoy people! Please "Like it" if you like it and share it all over facebook and twitter! Oh can ... ahem... BUY the track too. Support is much appreciated. I want to be able to keep giving you good music!


Track (stream download)



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