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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reggae Sundays - Bring Back The Soul

Integrating Soul & R&B into an already soulful reggae afternoon. Check out this edition for a different spin on what can be blended together. To me, it only makes sense to mix together to soulful genres of music like this. And hey, it's all black music anyway. Why not blend it?

A lot of people don't even realize that many of their favorite reggae songs are covers of old school R&B and Soul songs. There's a lot of newer covers (90's and up) but the old ones always get looked over. There's also plenty of rock/alternative/pop covers as well. Even Lady Saw covered a Jimmy Buffet song, "Pina Colada's". Oh yea, you know it.

Listen below...Every 3rd Sunday 2-4pm we add soul music....


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