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Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Track - Row Jones ft. Ra Spitta "I Feel Nothin'

You lived there all your life it seems. Growing up, flying off your first bike like superman(for 2 seconds). Saw your first illegal picture, firecracker or weapon there. There's nothing like that hometown love, that makes you FEEL loved. Because to be loved is to be whole. And we all want a whole lot of love, but have none to give anymore. Even though your family is there. It's an endless cycle...until it breaks.

And your still standing.

Unbroken and whole. Unspoken with goals. Nah..that's too deep.

Unravel the folds...

It's people with THAT mentality, who make it out (commercially) of there city
and create a real name for their brand. And when you move somewhere else and build a foundation. It can be hard to feel your city the same way. I still believe in it. The Roots on Jimmy Fallon. Meek Mills helped keep us on the map in the new wave of hip hop. Somebody always does. Check the track record. There's always gonna be physical changes sure, but those physical changes shape the way things operate and feel. Sometimes it's for the better, sometimes not. And I say all this to say, sometimes............I feel nothin. But no matter what. I still got love for my city. PHL - Phila - iLladel half life ALL DAY... Beantown stand UP.


Row Jones

The Record:

(Promo Only)

Produced by Big K.R.I.T.

(Promo Only)

I do not own the copyrights to the music, only the lyrics.

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