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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reggae/Soul Sundays - Soulfire

As usual, in case you missed this Sundays show, it's here for your listening pleasure. Try not to make a mess where you sit. If you do, text TV to 62297 and Macy's will send you a 20% off coupon. Use that coupon to buy some new underwear. Maybe a 3-pack. But this is a nasty topic, moving on...

This Sunday, we added Soul as I began doing every 3rd Sunday. It's been a very fun time. For some it's a confusing time, i know. Your like wait....Marvin Gaye AND Buju Banton? How does that work? But isn't it all soul music in the end? just from different cultures, but we are all the same people. Both artists use bands, both artists sing love songs and songs of oppression over smooth bass lines and smooth melodies. To's all the same and it all deserves to be played on a Sunday. Check it out below.

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